Conveniently located outside the DVS and Congestion Zone, North Kent Distribution Limited serves as an ideal distribution facility near London. Our UK & European operators can drop off single or multi-pallet consignments for final mile delivery into London and most FORS Delivery Sites, including FORS Silver, using compliant vehicles equipped with the latest AI Camera Technology and trained drivers. Our facility boasts various forklifts capable of handling loads up to 5T, including the most challenging ones.

We provide 80,000 sq ft of warehousing across two sites, offering racked, freestanding, stacked, and outdoor storage within a secure, well-lit yard monitored by CCTV and alarms. At NKD, we prioritise customer needs, offering cross-docking, safe dock loading for container loading and unloading, and bespoke order picking from bulk consignments. Our Warehouse Management System ensures FIFO protocols, tracks best-before dates, and allows for online viewing. Rest assured, your stock is precisely located using barcoded pallets and location scanners visible on our online warehouse platform. Plus, our electric warehouse trucks ensure zero harmful emissions.

As an authorised External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF) operator, we offer inland clearance approved by Border Force. This allows customs-controlled goods to be moved from the port of arrival to our storage facility, preventing delays and extra charges. As an Authorised Consignee, we facilitate direct imports without further Customs checks at any port.

Our ETSF facility, located in Swanscombe, Kent, works in tandem with our in-house Customs Clearance team. This enables quick movement of our import vehicles through UK ports, straight to/from our ETSF for unloading. Our in-house team handles customs clearance, acting as a Direct Representative when completing documentation. We ensure next-day delivery via our transport network or as a Pallet Network shareholder.

Whether you need short-term assistance or long-term solutions for 1 to 1000 spaces, we offer flexible alternatives. Reach out now for a no-obligation quote for stock transport, storage, or both!